Woman showers five times a day to get rid of her sweaty smell

By Pam Magwaza
16 July 2017

"When I went to church and the pastor said, “Raise your hands and give God the glory!' Everyone raised their arms but me."

Imagine showering five times a day, using countless deodorants, and changing your T-shirts more times than you can count, just to get rid of your strong sweaty smell -- that’s what one woman had to deal with every day after discovering she had a sweating disorder.

Aremilda Dos Santos (31) from South East Brazil , suffers from Hyperhidrosis, a disorder that left her armpits drenched in sweat and a strong unpleasant odour.

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Her condition was only cured after a last ditch surgery cut the nerves in her armpits which deactivated her sweat glands.

"I suffered from this problem for thirteen years,” said Armemilda, “I did everything I could to mask it."

Aremilda -- who works as a manicurist -- first discovered her sweaty dilemma at the age of 13, when her mother dragged her into the bathroom and accused her of not washing properly.

“My mom picked up a loofah and scrubbed it under my arm while shouting at me 'that's how you clean your armpits,” said Aremilda.

She then cleverly learned to mask her embarrassing condition by rolling up toilet paper and tucking it under her arm, to soak up the moisture – if she didn’t have time to shower.

No matter how many times the married mother-of-one changed her clothes, she was always left with yellow stains on the fabric she had worn.

She refused to wear black, navy or ruby red clothes and would throw away her cheap white tops after just wearing them once.

Deodorants that are meant to last 48 hours, only lasted 48 minutes for young Aremilda.

She also added that people would often cover their noses with their hands, as they avoided coming near her, and often she would hear people gossip about her “obnoxious smell,” – this increased her anxiousness and perspiration.

"When I went to church and the pastor said, “Raise your hands and give God the glory!' Everyone raised their arms but me," recalled Aremilda.

The Mom decided to do something about her dreadful situation after her three-year-old son, said: “Hmm…mummy is stinky,” while cuddling her and screwing up his nose.

PHOTO: Magazine Features PHOTO: Magazine Features

"That was the day I almost died from embarrassment. I was so shocked by his reaction,” the distraught mom confessed.

She then and there booked an appointment with the dermatologist – promising her son that she would “fix her problem.”

"The dermatologist suggested going for either botox injections or surgery as a last resort,” said the mother-of-one.

She then chose the surgery because her medical aid wouldn’t pay for the botox injections.

The half hour procedure was quick, painless and permanently solved the problem.

Aremilda found it pretty hard to live with her disorder, especially while dating her husband, Donisete, at the age of 18.

"I showered just before going on our dates and told him I sweated a lot,” the insecure wife said.

“I managed to keep it hidden during our nine months courtship, as I avoided any intimacy.”

"Although it was an issue, it was nothing I couldn't handle as I loved her so much,” said Aremilda’s loving husband, Donisete Dos Santo.

“I had to support her and not criticise and destroy her confidence which was already low."

After her surgery, Aremilda’s armpits were dry for the first time and she could wrap her arms around her husband and son without them having to hold their breath.

"I threw my stinky clothes in the trash and finally brought different coloured items and my wardrobe smells of lavender,” the cheerful mother and wife said excitedly.

"Now, when the pastor tells us to raise our arms, mine are the first to go up," Aremilda concluded.

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