Woman snaps photo of garden during full moon – what she caught on camera is seriously bizarre

By Kirstin Buick
16 January 2017

Do you believe in fairies?

Elves? Goblins? Leprechauns? Of course not, right? Er, take a look at this... Two photos posted to photo-sharing site Imgur by user MeTarzanYouJane show a moonlit garden, taken a few seconds apart.

Weird photo need a reasonable explanation. Details below.

In the first, there's nothing out of the ordinary. But in the second, there appears to be a small, supernatural-looking figure running across the lawn.

"A family member of mine snapped these two photos on the night of the abnormally large full moon," MeTarzanYouJane captioned the set of pictures.

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"The time frame between the two photos was approximately two seconds. What interested me is neither of these family members have heard of photo shop; much less used it.

"This was taken in the front yard of a house they had recently purchased and hadn't even completely moved into. Things I have noticed that intrigue me: it appears to be on two hind legs, it produces a shadow in comparison to the first photo, and it is mostly opaque besides it's what I assume is a face."

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Here's a closer look:


"These things excluded it from being a smudge on the lens for me, because smudges don't produce shadows," the Imgur user added.

In response to the now viral post, commentators have come up with some seemingly reasonable theories -- a trick of the light, a broken lens, a particularly agile owl...

All viable options. But this one is definitely our favourite:

"It's a rare photo of a wild baby Groot."

Well, there you have it.

Additional source: The Mirror

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