Woman sneezes while taking a selfie - and the demon-like picture goes viral

By Robyn Lucas
11 July 2017

The picture ended up looking like something out of a horror movie!

Meet the girl who nailed the ultimate selfie with a simple sneeze.

The bizarre picture was posted by Reddit user, JuddJasper, who explained that he and his girlfriend were using the “wide selfie” feature on her phone – one very similar to the panoramic feature. For the photo to work, you have to stand in the same position – but the Reddit user’s girlfriend suddenly sneezed and the picture looked like something out of The Conjuring.

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Reddit users were amused by the picture, with one user pointing out that the girl looked like a comedy/tragedy mask that is commonly used in theaters.

"Me on the inside vs me on the outside when someone makes me take a selfie," says Reddit user, Muffinizer1, finding the photo highly relatable.

A girl’s got to sneeze when a girl's got to sneeze – at least it turned into a moment the happy couple would never forget.

Sources: mashable.comkoreaboo.com, omg25.com

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