Woman trapped in freezing stream for two nights

By admin
14 December 2015

A woman is looking for her knight in shining armour after falling into a stream in a Johannesburg park and being trapped there for nearly 3 days during the peak of winter.

Natasha Wong (42) went missing in Delta Park, one of the biggest parks in Johannesburg, on Friday 31 July. “The more I screamed for help, the more the birds drowned out my cries. I could taste blood in my mouth and I couldn’t move my right hand. I tried to get up, but my head was so painful and I couldn’t feel my legs or my feet. I was mostly submerged in the stream and there was a muddy bank behind me.”

'The more I screamed for help, the more the birds drowned out my cries'

Wong was walking through the park to bring groceries to a security guard when she noticed her shoelace was undone. As she bent down to tie it, her cellphone fell out of her pocket and into the stream. While trying to get it she fell into the water.

"I just remember slipping, then I must have knocked my head and the next thing I remember was waking up with the sun going down and the birds singing loudly, as they do at sunset. I worked out it must have been about 10 hours later,” Wong said in a statement released on behalf of Netcare.

She realized that she had been swept downstream, to an inaccessible wetland hidden in tall reeds.

Five years earlier she lost one kidney to cancer and was worried about her chances of surviving.

On Sunday 2 August, after two nights in the icy water, she heard the voices of children and shouted for help.

“I heard a man’s voice calling: ‘Where are you?’ and I shouted back that I’m in the reeds. I don’t remember much else until I regained consciousness in Netcare Milpark Hospital,” she said.

The man found her and phoned Netcare 911. According to Netcare Milpark Hospital she suffered some frostbite, but avoided amputation. She had some nerve and ligament damage in her feet and lower legs.

Wong now wants to get in touch with the good Samaritan who found her so she can thank him.


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