Woman vows to never eat fast foods again – after finding something shocking in her burger

22 July 2017

"I'm traumatised. I don't think I'll be able to eat fast food ever again."

Stephanie Screen and her mom Hazel (58) were looking forward to grabbing a bite to eat at a burger franchise in Stoke, England.

But the 25-year-old got the shock of her life when she allegedly found a centimetre-long metal nut hiding between her flamed-grill patties after taking a bite.

PHOTO: Magazine Feature PHOTO: Magazine Feature

She quickly returned to the burger restaurant only to be given an apology and a refund – and has heard nothing back from head office after laying a complaint.

"The person I spoke to at the branch was nice enough but nothing happened as a result,” she said.

The adult support worker claims she was left fuming after a supervisor told her the same thing happened to a customer before – but with a screw.

"I'm traumatised. I don't think I'll be able to eat fast food ever again.

"It's just really frightening to me to find something like this in a burger. I'm absolutely disgusted.”

Stephanie is worried that she might have harmed her tooth after hearing a crack when biting on the nut.

"I just chewed the other day and I remember feeling something crack, I just hope it wasn't a tooth,” she said.

The burger franchise has been approached for comment on the incident but has not given a public response yet.

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