Woman wakes up from a three-week coma to incredible surprise

28 March 2017

"The last thing I remember is my husband putting on his scrubs and laughing because the shoe covers were too small."

A mother woke up out of a coma three weeks after giving birth to her daughter and didn't even recognise her.

Deanne Harry (35), from the UK, had to be placed in an induced coma after suffering a rare and life-threatening complication hours after having a C-section.

When she woke up three weeks later at the King College hospital in London all she could remember were the moments before entering the theatre reports Mirror Online.

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"The last thing I remember is my husband putting on his scrubs for the C-section and laughing because the shoe covers were too small," said Deanna.

When the doctors showed her a picture of her daughter, Freya, with husband David (33) she didn't recognise her.

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At 36 weeks Deanne was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia and doctors at the Torbay hospital in England needed to rush the delivery of her baby girl.

But when she gave birth to a baby weighing 2,21 kg, doctors found that Freya had E.Coli and took her to a specialised unit for babies so that she could be treated.

Four days later doctors realised that Deanne’s liver and kidneys were starting to fail and that she needed an immediate liver transplant.

Luckily, a young donor was found five days later in London and Deanna was immediately taken to the King College in London so that the transplant could be done.

The recovery road was long and Deanne wanted to – like any other mother – hold her newborn baby to her chest.

"Although Freya was put on my chest for a few minutes before being taken to the special baby unit, I can’t remember it,” Deanne told Mirror Online.

She said it was strange for her when David and her mother brought little Freya into the hospital room after the transplant.

“It was strange because the first time you meet your new baby you don’t expect her to be fully clothed,” says Deanne. Now the grateful mother desperately wants to get in touch with the donor who saved her life and let him or her know how grateful she is to be able to spend time with her daughter at home.

“We’re not allowed to know anything about them but the hospital will pass on a letter to his or her family and I’m going to send them pictures of Freya,” says Deanne.

Friends and family of the Harry family are now raising funds for the Torbay hospital’s specialised baby unit as well as the King College hospital in London as a way of saying thank you.

Sources: Mirror.co.uk, Metro.co.uk

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