Woman weaves clothes using her hair

By admin
30 January 2014

A Chinese woman has been collecting strands of her hair for 11 years in order to weave herself a cardigan and a hat for her husband.

A Chinese woman weaved a cardigan using her own hair.

Xiang Renxian, a retired teacher from Chongqing, central China, has spent 11 years collecting the strands of hair caught in her brush in order to create the bespoke clothing.

It has taken Xiang - who uses 15 strands of hair to form a single piece of 'wool' - almost 5 years to complete the garment after she decided to stitch her name into the cuffs with contrasting grey hairs. Unfortunately she had to wait for enough grey hairs to grow in order to complete the task.

She said: 'Many people envy my long, shiny black hair so I wanted to keep them, even the dropped threads."

Having finished her cardigan, Xiang is now weaving her husband his own hair hat.

-Bang Showbiz

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