Woman's 'boyfriend' of two years turns out to be her female friend

By Lindsay de Freitas
10 September 2015

A UK woman has brought charges against a female friend who seduced her and lured her into a two year relationship while pretending to be a man.

The complainant (who has chosen to remain anonymous) claims that Gayle Newland lured her using a fake Facebook account and during their two-year courtship even went as far as having sex with her using a prosthetic penis. Gayle is currently on trial in Cheshire in the UK, where she is contesting five counts of sexual assault brought on by the friend she had duped. Gayle used a fake Facebook account under the pseudonym ‘Kye Fortune’, a half-Filipino, half-Latino man who had been involved in a car accident and was also a cancer survivor. She sent the complainant a friend request and pursued a relationship in which they texted each other regularly and also spoke on the phone, with the complainant describing Kye's voice as "high-pitched". The relationship became more intense and the two then decided to meet in person.
"He was saying how much I had helped him get through his illness. [He said] it was a sign, we should get married, we should have kids, we were going to do all sorts of things."
'I just think of all the stuff I let her do to me, like foreplay, and it makes me feel sick'

The complainant and Kye decided to finally meet in person at a hotel and according to reports Newland’s stipulation was that she wear a blindfold because Kye was "anxious about the way he looked". The pair then had sex in which Newland allegedly made use of a prosthetic penis. The pair enjoyed more hotel visits before the complainant uncovered the truth, when she impulsively removed her blindfold.

“People get raped by males and it sounds sick but I think I'd prefer it. I just think of all the stuff I let her do to me, like foreplay, and it makes me feel sick.” Although defendant Gayle claims that she knew she was in fact a woman and told the courts that they were “going along with some sort of fantasy” that she was Kye.

The pair had apparently first met in 2011, and Gayle had admitted to the victim that she was a lesbian. “I found her attractive and she seemed really bubbly,” explains Gayle of the complainant. “ She asked me if I was gay and I said yes but I didn't shout about it.” Gayle also alleges that the complainant admitted to her that she was also a lesbian but 'almost couldn't admit it to herself'. Trial proceedings are still on the go in the UK.

Sources: dailymail.co.uk, telegraph.co.uk

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