Woman's creepy mugshot goes viral – thanks to her TATTOOED eyeballs

By Kim Abrahams
02 May 2017

Wait till you hear what she was arrested for.

It's been dubbed the ‘mugshot to haunt your nightmares’.

With her gaunt, tattooed face and emotionless gaze, Morgan Joyce Varn could pass for the villain in a B-grade horror movie.

The 24-year-old mother (yes, she’s a mother!) has reportedly had her eyeballs tattooed and thanks to her fully black eyes, her mugshot has now caused quite a stir after it was shared on social media.

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FOX5 Las Vegas shared it on their Facebook page with the caption: ‘Here’s a mugshot to haunt your nightmares’.

And users were totally freaked out!

“I wonder if they will let her pay her bail with the souls of her enemies,” one Facebooker sarcastically commented.

While another said: “"Exorcist needed ASAP.”

According to BBC News, Varn was arrested after she allegedly invited a man to her home, with the intention of robbing him at gunpoint.

Armed robbery, kidnapping and malicious injury to personal property are amongst the charges she now faces.

Varn was arrested last Monday in Indian Land, South Carolina, along with Jonathon Mikael Robinson (23) after a long standoff with police.

Jonathan Mikael Robinson Jonathan Mikael Robinson

Sources: bbc.com, metro.co.uk

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