Woman's pet snake gets stuck in ssseriously strange place

02 February 2017

Ashley and her bestie Bart had to be separated by staff at an emergency ward...

While most people prefer pets of the four-legged variety, there are others who have a great love for other species of animals – like snakes.

Ashley Glawe of Portland in the American state of Oregon is one of those people. And her 'bestie' is a python called Bart…

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But it’s not just her choice of pet that’s a little bit strange. Ashley herself is somewhat eccentric with her unique hairstyle, tattoos, and plethora of piercings.

It’s as a result of Ashley’s various body piercings that both she and Bart ended up in the emergency ward of a hospital in Portland on 23 January.

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So what happened?

Ashley says she was holding Bart when the snake decided that a piercing in her ear looked inviting – so he proceeded to slither right through it.

Although Ashley’s ear piercing is quite large Bart definitely misjudged the size of the hole and got stuck right inside it – and Ashely was stuck with a squirming snake for an earring!

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