Working mom and loving it

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10 June 2011

A year after the birth of her baby Diaan Lawrenson looks like the sexy Paula 7de Laan viewers got to know and love – a slim singleton with that special something.

It’s about seven months since she returned to the screen after the birth of daughter, Olivia Rose, who celebrated her first birthday on 8 June.

But the Laan isn’t the only place where Diaan (33) is displaying her talent. She recently finished working on a movie, she’ll be on the stage again soon and she’s involved in various stage productions.

So it’s fortunate that Olivia is well-behaved, Diaan says.

‘‘She’s been to three festivals with us and on the film set and in theatres. She’s either dead quiet or makes friends with everyone.’’

Diaan was able to go back to work because her fiancé, actor Jody Abrahams (37), is a great dad, she says. She didn’t want to be a stay-at-home mom.

‘‘I love my job and as a new mom it’s important to also look after yourself and your needs,’’ she says. ‘‘I really wanted to stay at home with the baby for a while but my job beckoned because it feeds my soul.’’

She ignores criticism of her relationship with Jody. ‘‘We love each other – should we just give up because his skin is a bit darker than mine?’’

There have also been hurtful comments about them living together without being married.

‘‘I respect other people’s views; unfortunately there are very nasty people who don’t know how to handle something they’re not used to,’’ Diaan says. ‘‘We’re bound to each other and our family and that’s not going to change.’’

They were due to tie the knot last March but postponed because she was pregnant.

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