World's deadliest chilli to be used as an anaesthetic

By Kim Abrahams
20 May 2017

Dragon’s Breath is so potent, it’s kept in a specially concealed container.

It’s a chilli so hot, it could kill you -- and now doctors will be using it as an anaesthetic.

Created by 53-year-old Mike Smith, the Dragon’s Breath chilli, as it’s been dubbed, is so powerful that consuming it could cause the airways to close up, resulting in death. “It's not been tried orally,” said Smith, from St Asaph in North Wales. “I've tried it on the tip of my tongue and it just burned and burned. I spat it out in about 10 seconds.  

“The heat intensity just grows.”

The chilli measures 2,8m on the Scoville scale, a meter with which the pungency of peppers is measured. Its closest rival, the Carolina Reaper, tips the scale at around 2,2m.

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To put this into perspective, according to The Sun, Smith’s chilli is 70 times hotter than Nando’s extra hot sauce.

Smith, the owner of Tom Smith’s Plants, created the deadly chilli with the help of scientists from the Nottingham University.


“This was developed because a lot of people are allergic to anaesthetic, and this can be applied to the skin because it is so strong it numbs it,” explained Smith.

A letter from the Guinness Book of Records confirms that his chilli is recognised as the strongest in the world.

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The custom sealed chilli will be displayed at London’s Chelsea Flower Show.


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