Yes, I have a soft side

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01 October 2010

It’s a good thing Parvati Shallow is thick-skinned. Since winning Survivor: Micronesia she’s been branded one of the nastiest, most manipulative players to play the game and viewers aren’t afraid to let her know exactly what they think of her.

“The other day in the grocery store a lady walked right up to me and said, ‘We hate you in my house.’ I was like, ‘What? How do you say that to someone you don’t know at all?’”

She admits she came across as ruthless and cold but she’s proud of the way she competed – after all, she won the million bucks and the title of sole Survivor.

“When you’re playing the game you can’t let your emotions get involved. If you do you get taken out real quick,” the bubbly fitness fanatic says.

One of the things that shocked viewers was how Parvati was prepared to flirt outrageously to get ahead in the game – and her male competitors fell for it hook, line and sinker. It was all part of her strategy: win the guys over, get them eating out of her hand, then stab them in the back.

“I’m a very sociable person. I’m very outgoing, I’ll talk to everyone and I’m very friendly so I used that as part of my strategy.”

She believes her upbringing helped mould her into the person she is today. She spent her first 11 years at an interfaith commune in Florida with her hippy parents, Mike and Gaye, and her younger siblings, Sodashi (now 25) and Kaelan (now 17).

During their time there Parvati, who’s named after the Hindu mother goddess, developed insight into people and learnt to get along with them.

Later she did a journalism degree at the University of Georgia and moved to Los Angeles where she worked as a model before landing a job as a public relations officer.

But the corporate world wasn’t for 1,7-metre-tall Parvati, who had studied martial arts since her youth. She bowed out to work as a female boxer and cocktail waitress.

So is there any chance she’ll do another season of Survivor?

“Not likely,” she snorts. “I appreciate the experience and I’ve grown and learnt a lot but now I want to move on.”

Pity. Love her or loathe her, you have to agree she makes the game more interesting.

Read the full article in YOU, 7 October 2010.

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