Yet another celeb is about to pop! Olivia Wilde's baby 'almost cooked'

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26 February 2014

Olivia Wilde has joked her baby is "almost cooked" as she only has nine weeks left until she gives birth.

Olivia Wilde has joked her baby is "almost cooked".

The Tron: Legacy star is pregnant with her first child with fiancé Jason Sudeikis and is excited about the impending arrival, which is just over two months away.

Next to a picture of her cradling her bump on Facebook, she wrote: "Sure I've looked like this after Mexican food but this time it's a BABY. #almostcooked #nineweekstogo #holyfu&$ (sic)"

Olivia (29) - who is expecting a boy - has previously said she loves her pregnant body, saying: "It's great - I've never had boobs before!"

However, earlier in her pregnancy Olivia was a little annoyed with her changing figure because people kept thinking she had just put on some extra pounds, instead of realising she was pregnant.

She said in January: "Until about a week ago, I just looked fat! I wanted to be like, 'I'm not fat, I'm pregnant!'

"I find that people will go to such great lengths to not mention it. People will be like, 'Hey would you like a glass of whiskey?' Or, 'You want to get on this roller coaster?' And I'm like, 'Oh well I'm actually pregnant.' And they go, 'What!?'

"I think it's because unless someone is watching you give birth they don't want to make the wrong call, because that's the worst thing in the world - when you congratulate a non-pregnant woman on her pregnancy."

- Bang Showbiz

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