Yoga to wake you up

By admin
10 April 2016

Monday mornings can hit hard after a busy weekend and you may find yourself nodding off while on the way to work. You can do other things other than sip a strong coffee to wake yourself up though, and yoga happens to be the perfect way to stretch, energise and revitalise your body first thing.

Here are some moves to get you going effortlessly without feeling the aches and pains of your constant partying.

Standing forward bend with twist

Slowly walk your hands down to meet your feet, all the while keeping them apart at hip-width. Gently put your right palm flat on the mat so your arm is resting straight, with your shoulder slightly over your wrist. Next bend your right knee a bit as you lean on your right hand, pushing upwards with your left arm extended fully. Make sure your neck is relaxed, and your hips remain square, to prevent any straining, and breathe deep. Hold for five deep breathes, then swap.

Camel pose

Take to your knees on this one, with your weight evenly distributed throughout your shins, keeping them hip-width apart.

Hold your hands on your hips, gently leading your tailbone down and rising your lower belly, then slowly move your hands onto your ribcage so your upper body begins to curl. You should move your arms until your feet are comfortable clasping your heels behind you, your chest pointing upwards. Breathe deeply, as you feel your vertebrates rolling. Repeat for three rounds of eight breathes, taking breaks between to prevent muscle pain.

Seated forward bend

Sit down with your legs stretched out in front of you, with your back upright. Flex your feet and inhale while lifting your chest, then exhale as your reach forward while maintaining your length to touch the outer edges of your feet. Don't round your upper back, keeping your neck loft and legs relaxed. Hold for eight breathes.

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