You actually don't want to know what this dress is made out of

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07 July 2016

The designer set out to create something even more disgusting than Lady Gaga's meat dress. And, boy, did she.

Sarah Louise Bryan went from down-on-her-luck single mom to internet sensation after creating an incredible gown made entirely out of Skittles. Her colourful creation was such a big hit that clothing company Ripleys gave Sarah her own line.

But it appears all the success has gone to Sarah's head. The mom-of-two, from Wakefield in the UK, recently unveiled her latest creation. A dress made entirely of other people's pubic hair.
"I wanted to beat her at the title of most disgusting dress so with the help of asking for pubic hair on Twitter," Sarah (28) said, according to The Mirror.
And helpful folk from all over the world were happy to oblige, sending through other bodily hair too. It took Sarah six months to collect enough, erm, material for her project.

Eventually she set to work, using "the thickest gloves she could find", an eye mask and breathing mask because, "who wants to eat pubic hair?"

Who indeed, Sarah.

"I thought of the design because of how gross it is. I thought what would be the worst thing to have on your dress."

The base, she told MailOnline, is made from a thin, pliable steel, upon which she used hot glue to attach the hair.

"It was absolutely awful working with that material. I put a ground sheet on the floor and sterilised the hair with a fluid then had to put it in really hot water to kill the bacteria - I didn't want to get crabs!

"The hair got everywhere at first and I actually questioned what I was doing -- it was that disgusting. But then I bought an eye and face mask and it got a bit better."

The eclectic designer hopes to sell the hairy A-line skirt and bralet for an eye-watering £10,000 (almost R190 000).

Sources: MailOnline, The Mirror, Facebook

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