'You can’t roast sushi!' Kenny Kunene chats about appearance on hit show

By admin
04 February 2014

"Sushi King" Kenny Kunene is next in line to get roasted on Comedy Central. He chats to YOU about his upcoming appearance.

Kenny Kunene replaced filmmaker Leon Schuster at the Comedy Central Roast. The businessman turned politician joins singer Steve Hofmeyr as the second South African to be roasted on national television. We had a quick chat with him about his upcoming night in the hot seat. The roast, which takes place 3 April, will be screened on Comedy Central, channel 122 on DStv channel on 28 April.

Are you looking forward to your night of grilling?

It’s not easy to place yourself in the hot seat with all eyes on you but I am looking forward to it. I believe sometimes you have to just chill out and relax, look at the funny side of things. This is away to celebrate people and I don’t mind that it means making fun of me.

I’ve been the butt of may jokes by our local comedians, the only difference this time is that I’m willing to do it for charity. I told Comedy Central I would say yes only if they would consider donating to a charity organisation I support. I do a lot of work in Alexandra township and I asked they do a charity program with one of the Hospice organisations or orphanages.

Would you say you’re prepared for whatever the roasters are about to dish out? I am. But you never know what people are able to dig up about you – so there is that element of surprise. But you know, you can’t roast sushi! (Laughs) Is there any aspect of your life that is a no-go area or would offend you? I’ve always said that anything that targets me, Kenny Kunene, is fair game. But please don’t bring my family into it and please don’t speak lies. If it’s facts, I can take it. And the panel will need to remember I’ll also have my turn at roasting them!

I know I’m in the public space and am willing to aspect the criticism but I would take offence if you called out my ex-wife or my children.

If you could choose your own panel, who would you have?

Anyone but comedian Loyiso Gola! I have no respect for that guy. He once insulted me so badly in front of the media and the e.tv management when I launched my reality show So What? I avoid him at all costs and don’t regard him as a comedian simply because it feels like he personalises an issue and uses it in his comedy/. If he is there, I can tell you there’ll be fireworks!

Are you working on any new projects and will we see a new reality show?

No new show as yet. For now I’m focusing on our political party Patriotic Alliance. I take that work very seriously but also want to show people that politicians can be free-spirited too. I’m doing this roast for charity and it will be benefitting ordinary people – which is pretty much what my work at Patriotic Alliance is all about – the people.

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