You can't unsee this! Photo of shiny legs has the internet freaking out

By Kirstin Buick
26 October 2016

What a time to be alive.

Yet another bizarre optical illusion photo is doing the rounds -- but we've got to say, this may be the strangest one yet. The internet at large is currently locked in to a heated debate over this snap, posted last month on Instagram by user @leonardhoespams and yesterday by Twitter user @kingkayden, featuring a pair of super shiny legs.

Or does it? "Are these legs shiny and oily or are they legs with white paint on them?" the now-viral pic is captioned. Read more: Blue and white or black and brown? People are freaking out about what colour this jacket actually is Naturally, the good folks on the world wide webs have a lot of opinions (and feelings) about this.

To put you out of your misery, it WAS white paint -- the original Instagram picture (which has since been removed), was captioned "i like the feeling of paint on my skin".

And now you can't understand why you thought they were shiny, right?

As psychologist Tom Toppino told, there’s a good science-y reason why we are unable to re-see what we originally saw.

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"When the scene is encountered again, sensory cues will again identify high information areas, but this time the prior knowledge needed to complete the perceptual act is readily available, and the perceptual interpretation is achieved in a way that seems automatic and perhaps inevitable."

Or, in English:

"Basically once we know the truth, it can’t usually be undone."

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