YOU visits stars of Bold

By admin
09 July 2010

Two metres away is Ashley Jones, who plays The Bold and The Beautiful’s Bridget Forrester. Behind her is Lesley-Anne Down, boutique owner Jackie Marone in the soapie.

I’m staring at people I watch every night from my comfortable blue leather sofa in Joburg. I could reach out and grasp the sketches of stylish gowns on the desk next to me and nearby is the famous framed photo of Sally Spectra (played by the late Darlene Conley).

It’s not every day I get to be on the set of a show I’ve been addicted to since I was 12 and that was recently declared the world’s most-watched TV show.

The show’s publicist gives me a guided tour of the sets. There’s Jackie’s penthouse. Here’s Nick and Bridget’s apartment. Over there is Forrester Creations.

Then I meet Brandon Beemer who plays shady lawyer Owen Knight. And on to the dressing room of Ashley Jones. We’ve been chatting on Facebook on and off for months. ‘‘Jaaaared,’’ she cries and we chat like old school friends.

The next morning it’s Jack Wagner (Bridget’s on-off love Nick Marone). He’s very funny, constantly cracking jokes about his crazy TV character and when it comes time to pose for a picture he starts tickling me.

I escape and catch up with Winsor Harmon (Thorne). Turns out Thorne’s accent isn’t real – Winsor speaks with a rich Southern voice. ‘‘Thorne is raised and bred in Beverly Hills. His accent isn’t easy for me. My real voice slips out every now and then,’’ explains Winsor, who has been with the show for 16 years.

As I’m leaving I bump into Jennifer Gareis (Donna) who’s been on YOU’s cover three times. She was pregnant and has since had a baby boy. She shakes my hand and says in a whisper forced on her by a nasty cold, ‘‘I have my YOU cover framed at home.’’

Read the full article in the YOU of 15 July 2010.

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