You’ll never believe the amazing gift this grandma got for her 86th birthday

By Pieter van Zyl
19 July 2016

What do you get Grandma to celebrate her 86th birthday?

Her 86th great-grandchild, of course! Only a day before Marie Frey’s 86th birthday, her 86th great-grandchild, Blakely Grace Frey, was born.

“I don’t know anything else besides family,” Marie, from Ohio in the US, told The Courier, a local newspaper.

She says after she and her late husband, Gerald, married in 1949 she wanted a large family. But she didn’t expect to have more than 12 children.

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In the end she and her husband had 15 children of their own – 10 daughters and five sons. Their eldest child is 66. Gerald died in October 2009.

It’s obvious her children also wanted big families. Marie is the granny of 68, of which there are two sets of twins and six step-grandchildren.

She’s the great-grandmother of 86 biological great-grandchildren and nine by marriage. In the next few months she’s expecting more great-grandchildren from a granddaughter and the granddaughter’s cousin.

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“It's pretty good that she got to see her,” said Marie’s grandson Kenny Frey, referring to Blakely, who was born on 23 June.

“Family and faith are her two biggest favourites. She's a very strong woman.”

Relatives of Marie say there were about 250 people at the family’s last gathering over Christmas last year.

Marie’s unusual achievement was bettered by Leo and Ruth Zanger from the state of Illinois. They have 100 grandchildren.

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Can you imagine the number of presents under their Christmas tree?


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