You’ll never guess this hunk’s age

By Kim Abrahams
25 July 2017

Hint: He could be old enough to be your dad.

At first inspection he looks like the type of guy you’d want to bring home to meet the parents: dresses well, is successful and boy, is he a sight for sore eyes!

But halt the drooling – this man could be old enough to be your dad (depending on how old you are).

Believe it or not, Chuando Tan, a photographer from Singapore, is 50 years old.

CD, as he’s known to his pals, was a sought-after model back in the ‘80s. But these days, he finds himself behind the lens, instead of in front of it.

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The 50-year-old (we still can’t get over it) is a successful photographer – he shot Janet Jackson’s album cover back in 2008, Discipline.

And it’s exactly that – discipline – which CD credits for his youthful appearance.

He avoids late nights, doesn’t take a bath late at night or early in the morning, eats chicken breast every day and spends four days a week at the gym.

The photographer, who gained fame after he appeared on a Chinese news site recently, has 219 000 followers on Instagram, with whom he frequently shares sultry snaps.

Feast your eyes, ladies.


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