Youngest son of Cleveland shooter victim speaks out

By Pam Magwaza
18 April 2017

The son of the 74-year-old man who was gunned down in a Facebook video has spoken out against his dad's killer.

"That man killed my daddy for no reason."

These are the heartbreaking words of Marsean Robert Godwin, the 8-year-old youngest son of 74-year-old pensioner Robert Godwin Snr, who was gunned down on Easter Sunday in Cleveland, US. The shooter, who went by the name "Steve Stevie" on Facebook, uploaded a video of the shooting to Facebook. He's since then been identified as Steve Stephens. In the video, which has since been removed from social media, the 37-year-old is seen shooting and killing Godwin Snr. The video of the killing was loaded shortly after another video, in which Stephens boasts about his intent to kill someone.

According to The Mirror, Godwin Snr's distraught family members have held a vigil for the father of 10, grandfather of 14 and great-grandfather. It was here that Marsean spoke about his dad's murder.

Godwin Snr had been out collecting discarded aluminium cans when he was approached and fatally shot in the street.

Stephens claimed in various Facebook status updates that he'd killed up to 15 people, but police have said Godwin's was the only homicide they could confirm that was linked to Stephens. In the chilling video preceding the one of the shooting, the 37-year-old can be heard telling someone on the phone that he "just snapped".

He speaks into a camera about a woman, presumably his girlfriend, who put him at his "pushing point". The unidentified girlfriend has since been taken into protective police custody.

“I’m 37 and all my f****** life I’ve just always been a f****** monster, man.

"Always had to prove myself, always had to take the butts of people’s jokes.

“I’m killing m*************, all because of this b****…

"She’s putting me at my pushing point. I was living over there with her, I woke up Friday and I just couldn’t take it anymore, I just left.

"Here I am, massacring m************. Today is the Easter Day [woman’s name] massacre.”

Here's the video:

Facebook has released a statement regarding the video of the shooting: “This is a horrific crime and we do not allow this kind of content on Facebook. We work hard to keep a safe environment on Facebook, and are in touch with law enforcement in emergencies when there are direct threats to physical safety.”

The social media giant faced a public outcry after it took more than two hours to take down the gruesome video of the elderly man getting shot.

The manhunt for the alleged murderer has entered its third day and various sightings have been reported of the man in and around Cleveland. As a result, a  number of public schools have been closed until further notice.

Warning! This video is of a graphic nature:

Sources: The Mirror, Facebook, Philly Voice

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