Your stars today

08 June 2017

See what the stars have in store for you today.


ARIES March 21-April 20 **

Hasty comments could land you in hot water today Rams, as you charge in and aggravate a sensitive situation. Better to sit tight, hold your tongue and keep your opinions to yourself!

TAURUS April 21-May 21 ***

A personal or business relationship looks fiery today Taurus, as the Moon and Mercury stir up passions and shortened patience. So it’s up to you to be a calm, steady and unflappable Bull!

GEMINI May 22-June 21 **

The Moon and Mercury are at odds so be very careful how you communicate with others today, especially loved ones. Plus double-check all appointments and meetings beforehand.

CANCER June 22-July 23 **

With your ruler the Moon opposing Mercury, you’ll have to work hard on communicating clearly with loved ones today. Otherwise, there’ll be mix-ups and misunderstandings.

LEO July 24-Aug 23 **

Be extra careful when sending texts and emails today Cats, as the Moon and Mercury scramble telecommunication. So back-up documents and double-check all messages before you press send!

VIRGO Aug 24-Sep 23 **

A relationship with a colleague or family member will be a minefield today, as Mercury confuses communication and stymies your efforts to get ahead. The only solution is plenty of tact.

LIBRA Sep 24-Oct 23 ***

You’re keen to collaborate with others, especially at work. But don’t let them barge in and leave you on the sidelines. When it comes to finances, a slap-dash approach won’t save money in the long run.

SCORPIO Oct 24-Nov 22 ***

If you communicate clearly and nurture your network of friends and colleagues, then you’ll have a satisfying day. But financial matters look complex so make sure you do all the research required.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 23-Dec 21 **

You’re impatient for results Sagittarius. But, if you try to rush others, then you’ll just meet with resistance and plenty of problems. So aim to be more consultative and inclusive.

CAPRICORN Dec 22-Jan 20 **

Your mind’s buzzing with ideas but the Moon and Mercury are likely to mess up your usual routine. So it will take patience and persistence to turn your abstract thoughts into practical projects.

AQUARIUS Jan 21-Feb 19 ***

There may be a tussle between head and heart, as you try to make an important decision. A two-fold approach is the best way to go. Weigh up the facts first, and then use your intuition.

PISCES Feb 20-March 20 ***

Mercury is now moving through your domestic zone until June 21. So it’s the perfect time for diplomatic Pisceans to communicate with family members clearly, and also consult often.


Resist the urge to blurt out something inappropriate today.


Capable and proficient, you set high standards for yourself – and everyone else! 2017 is the year to put more energy and enthusiasm into close friendships.

Copyright Joanne Madeline Moore 2017

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