'Your version is a lie,' Nel tells Oscar

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10 April 2014

Oscar Pistorius lied about bringing a fan into his bedroom shortly before killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, the High Court in Pretoria heard on Tuesday.

"The fan couldn't possibly have been there because it's in the way of the doors opening," Pistorius told the court during cross-examination by prosecutor Gerrie Nel.

He was looking at a photograph of his bedroom taken by a police officer on the morning of February 14 last year, hours after he killed Steenkamp in his Silver Woods Estate townhouse.

'The fan couldn't possibly have been there because it's in the way of the doors opening'

He fired through the door of his toilet, apparently believing an intruder was about to come out and attack him.

He has been charged with deliberately murdering her.

Nel asked Pistorius to examine the photo, which shows a fan on a tripod in front of the open sliding doors leading onto his bedroom balcony.

Nel asked him what was wrong with the photo, taken at 5.58am.

After pausing and looking at it for several seconds, Pistorius said the fan in the door would have blocked him from running out onto the balcony to shout for help after he shot Steenkamp.

"Indeed, indeed," Nel agreed.

"I agree. Because your version is a lie."

Pistorius had claimed he got out of bed to bring two fans in from the balcony, and closed the sliding doors and the curtains.

At some point during this process Steenkamp got out of bed and went to the toilet without him noticing, he claimed. He said police officers tampered with the scene.

"That door was open when you and the deceased got into an argument," Nel told him.

Pistorius is also charged with illegal possession of ammunition and two counts of discharging a firearm in public. He has pleaded not guilty to all four charges.

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