'You've just got to push on' - Prince Harry reveals he was 'terrified' on South Pole trek

By admin
18 March 2014

Prince Harry admitted on the ITV documentary 'Harry's South Pole Heroes' that he was terrified of embarking on his trek to the South Pole and of letting his teammates down.

Britain's Prince Harry was "terrified" of embarking on his charity trek to the South Pole. The flame-haired Royal joined a team of 12 servicemen and women from the United Kingdom and other nations on a race of more than 200 miles across the Antarctic in December last year while being filmed for an ITV documentary, and he admitted before he set off that he was worried about letting his teammates down. According to this week's edition of the Radio Times magazine, Harry said: "I'm terrified for myself, to be honest - hugely daunted.

'There's a lot of pressure on everybody involved, so I've just got to get it right'

"I don't want to let the side down through fitness or injuries or anything like that. There's a lot of pressure on everybody involved, so I've just got to get it right... It's not just about fitness, it's about knowing exactly what you can and can't do." The 29-year-old Prince took part in the Walking With The Wounded expedition with a number of servicemen and women who have lost limbs during combat, and he claimed that their strength inspired him to do better. He added: "You've just got to push on, you shouldn't give up - and these guys don't. That's what's driving me." - Bang Showbiz

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