Zelda Williams still can't watch dad Robin's movies

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15 January 2016

Robin Williams' daughter still can't watch her late father's films as she worries they'd be too "self-destructive".

The world was left shocked when the American actor committed suicide in 2014, leaving behind his wife Susan Schneider, as well as his children Zak, Zelda and Cody from previous relationships. Zelda (26) has since began to pave her own path in the world of showbiz, and she has taken inspiration from her father's constant kindness.

“A lot of what I try to do is interact with the world the way he did,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “He didn't care who someone was, he did a lot of work with the homeless, he did a lot of work with people in prison... and he was always kind. It meant a lot to him, so I kind of hope to, if nothing else, be that.

“I think once I reach a place where I'm more comfortable, I'll happily watch (all of his films) again. Right now, I think that would be a bit self-destructive, in a sense. It's been nice to kind of work on myself and my family and the people who are here.”

Zelda isn't just remembering Robin with her work and in her thoughts - the star got a hummingbird tattoo on her right hand two months after her dad's death. At the time she posted an image of it on Instagram, with the caption explaining that she didn't appreciate people making fake accounts and misusing her family's photos. Now, she's spoken about what the design means to her.

“I (didn’t) really talk about (the tattoo) with many people,” she sighed. “I think I spoke about it with my mom (Marsha Garces). I'd also written a script - one of the first one I'd ever written - called The Hummingbird. And it meant a lot to me... It was one that I wanted even before he passed, and when he passed it meant an enormous amount more to me.”

Zelda has already made her directorial debut, helming singer JoJo's music video for her track Save My Soul. The pair had wanted to work together for a long time, so were thrilled to finally collaborate.

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