Zimbabwe’s ugliest man is 'too handsome', losers say

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24 November 2015

There’s bad feeling among participants in an ugly man competition in Zimbabwe.

About 35 losers are upset and say Mison Sere (42) is “altogether too attractive” to have been crowned the winner. A former winner, William Masvinu, says although Mison has no front teeth and an unnatural grin these aren’t enough to be crowned Zimbabwe’s Mister Ugly  Pageant.

'He’s ugly only when he opens his mouth'

William has won the competition four times. He has caused a fuss by saying Mison’s ugliness isn’t natural. "I’m naturally ugly. He’s ugly only when he opens his mouth,” William says.

“Do we have to lose our teeth to win?” asks another participant, Patrick Mupereki. “This is cheating.”

After the announcement that Mison was the winner at a dignified ceremony in Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital, a number of disgruntled participants objected and made vicious remarks.

The organisers had previously made it clear that people with flaws couldn’t enter because the competition focused on “natural ugliness.”.

University student Abigail Mataranyika, one of the judges, says William didn’t try hard enough to make the most of his ugly appearance. “Mison made a tremendous effort to enhance his ugliness by pulling faces but William thought he was so ugly that he didn’t need to try hard.” Unemployed Mison describes his critics as “sore losers” who “should just accept that I’, uglier than them”.

He won R7 000 in prize money and hopes to land a TV contract.

Sources: SkyNews; The Guardian

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