Zooey Deschanel has named her daughter after an animal

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20 October 2015

New Girl actress Zooey Deschanel and her husband Jacob Pechenik have named their three-month-old daughter after an aquatic mammal.

The 35-year-old star and her producer spouse are normally very protective of their private life, choosing to keep details of family affairs close to the chest, but the couple decided to share their infant’s moniker with the world via People magazine on Monday 19 October.

“It’s Elsie…” Zooey began while disclosing the child’s name, with husband Jacob finishing the sentence, “Otter.”

'What was she thinking'

“Like the animal,” she explained, with Jacob adding, “Sea otter.” Zooey told ET Online the pair decided on the name ‘Elsie Otter’ because they “just liked” the sound of it. Although she and Jacob are fans of what the little girl will be called, Twitter user @JusticePatti is not too keen on their choice. “Love Zooey Deschanel. But naming her daughter Elsie Otter? What was she thinking?#ZooeyDeschanel,” the tweeter shared.

Zooey was a vegan for many years and she has been a staunch supporter of animal rights campaigns.

She is also the co-founder of website HelloGiggles, which was created to combat online trolling by spreading positive messages throughout the internet.

And during an interview in the September 2013 issue of America’s Marie Claire magazine, Zooey made it clear she does not entertain other people’s opinions on her personal decisions.

“I just felt it's important to teach young girls to be strong people, to not think, ‘I can't do this because I'm worried about what people will say,’” she detailed, referring to her mission for HelloGiggles. “There are worse consequences, but online negativity stops people from being creative, part of which is having bad ideas as well as good ideas.

“When somebody says, ‘That idea's stupid,’ you stop your flow of ideas. We can't have the next generation be so afraid because they have been attacked.”

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