Are you pro-nonsense or no-nonsense?

18 August 2017

Tell us about the nonsense in your life and you could win a R500 voucher from Gill!

So here’s the situation. All the nonsense that takes place every day? You know, like that one chat group that spams you all day every day with memes? Or that OTT status update that has everyone rolling their eyes? Absolute nonsense. And Gill is having none of it.

But the most important nonsense you can bid adieu to is dandruff. Gill’s no-nonsense antidandruff shampoo and conditioner is here to sort that out too. It’s specially formulated to make sure you’ll be flake-free from your head to your shoulders – as long as you use it regularly.

And for all you arched-eyebrow doubters out there, here’s the science behind Gill’s no-nonsense antidandruff shampoo: it contains microparticles called zinc pyrithione. These are as anti-nonsense as they come because they’re clinically proven to help clean out the organisms that cause dry, itchy and flaky scalp.

They don’t mess around when it comes to conditioning and nourishing your hair either. That’s why our range uses MoistureCell Technology to leave your tresses soft, shiny and nonsense-free. We also don’t believe in that one-shampoo-fits-all nonsense. Our range is pretty diverse. So, you can get your no-nonsense in a bottle no matter what your hair situation – oily, dry scalp, normal, 2-in-1. The list goes on.

So, the question is, are you no-nonsense or pro-nonsense? 


One lucky reader will win a R500 voucher from Gill. To enter, tell us about the biggest nonsense you’ve had to put up with lately by filling out the form below.

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