5 games to play with your little ones on long car trips

By Abby-Gene Bissolati
16 March 2017

These five games will keep your brood occupied to help avoid choruses of “Are we there yet?”

1. Heads Up!

This digital game will have everyone in stitches! In the smartphone (or tablet) game one player holds the device against their forehead so that the screen faces outward. The other players then help that person guess the word on the cell phone screen using clues.

The game has a variety of categories to test your knowledge and is the ideal way to get your tots scratching their heads as you pass time. The game is also time-sensitive – you only have 30 seconds to explain the word to your teammate. 

Available on Google Play and iTunes.

2. 5 Second Rule

In this side-splitting board game, players pick a card and have a mealy five seconds to shout out three things related to whatever’s on that card – with hilarious results.  The popular game is also played on Ellen DeGeneres’s show, where various celebrities have tried their hand at thinking on their toes.  

Available on Takealot.com

3. What’s up Snoopy?

If your little one likes adventure-filled games and the Peanuts gang, this mobile game will be right up their alley. In the colourful game, players control various characters from the iconic cartoon. You can play fun games like tennis, skateboarding and even catch pancakes.

The game is available on Google Play

4. Backseat Bingo

This game’s chart looks a lot like the traditional bingo card, but instead of numbers, the card features things you’d typically see on the long road. You need to keep your eye out for things like road signs, motorcycles and even cows. The first one to have a row of five crossed out wins. 

If you’re feeling creative before setting out on your roundtrip, why no create your own bingo cards? Laminate them and they’ll last for many family holidays to come!

Available on Amazon.com

5. The number plate game

This classic game is an oldie, but a goodie!

In the game, you need to pay close attention to the letters on the passing number plates and use them to build words. If you can form a word, you get a point. The players can decide how many points you need to win the game. It’s the perfect way to build the little ones’ spelling and vocabulary!

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