Celeb moms’ tips for travelling with your kids

By Abby-Gene Bissolati
10 April 2018
PHOTO's: Supplied/Instagram

PHOTO's: Supplied/Instagram

If you’ve ever travelled with kids, you’ll know that it can be extremely trying, to say the least.

If you’ve ever travelled with kids, you’ll know that it can be extremely trying, to say the least. These South African celebrity moms have handy tips to help you cope.

Michelle Gildenhuys Adams

Michelle regularly travels with singer and entertainer hubby, Emo Adams, and their three boys – aged one, two and six – often get to go along.

To ensure the drive goes as smoothly as possible, she plans ahead. And as every mom knows, travelling with tots takes patience, and lots of it, Michelle says.

“Try to relax and don’t be too hard on yourself and your kids,” she told YOU. “Long flights or car trips bring out the worst in both grown-ups and kids. Try sticking to your regular routines as much as possible, and enjoy the journey – that’s where many memories are made.”

Michelle’s tips:

·     I always take basic medications – something for tummy aches, as well as for pain and fever. Be sure to pack their favourite snacks – and a lot of it.

·     I always take an empty sippy cup or bottle for juice and water while we’re driving.

·     Each of my boys gets their own small backpack to pack their favourite toys in.

·     If ever there was a time when technology was handy, this is it. Download interactive and fun apps onto for example tablets. Because I’m travelling with little boys of different ages I use earphones and portable DVD players so each can watch their favourite movie.

·     I keep them in their normal routines. If we’re driving by car, I still have them take their afternoon nap just like they would do at home. That’s when I take the electronic gadgets away and let them sleep in their seats.

·      Always take their favourite blanket along.

Cindy Nell-Roberts

Cindy’s top tips include:

·    Make sure you’ve packed enough essential medications.

·    Take snacks, colouring-in books and a pashmina – it can be used as either a blanket or a pillow, or use it to clean up vomit.

·    Travel light, but be sure to pack extra clothes for the kids, as one might have an accident and need a change of clothing.

·    Keep a small present handy as reward for good behaviour. Make time to build puzzles with your little ones during long drives or flights. Car games are also an option to keep them busy.

·    Have a singalong. “My kids’ are currently crazy about The Bare Necessities [song from The Jungle Book], so we listen to it over and over and sing along,” Cindy says.

·    Be prepared. Brush up on travel tips online.

She adds that it’s important for parents to make time for each other as romantic partners.

“Dads, take note: It’s important that moms need a bit of extra love and care during this time. Moms take on a lot in this busy time [when kids are small],” Cindy says.

She says little things like dinner and getting a babysitter in, or wild flowers or sea shells picked up at the beach with a thank-you note can mean the world to a mom.

Lastly she says to use time spent travelling to build memories with your kids and strengthen your bond with them.  

Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp

This presenter and actress has two gorgeous daughters aged three and one.

“My advice is to travel either when babies aren’t old enough to crawl yet, or when they’re old enough to remember what they saw.”

She says babies and toddlers are a handful when travelling or on holiday but it’s also loads of fun. She often takes her tots along on road trips or even overseas holidays.

“Just know that you’ll be running and holding on,” she adds.

Elana’s tips include:

·   If you’re flying, tie a string to toys. If it falls, just pull on the string and return the toy to your little one.

·   She packs snacks, enough nappies and extra clothes for the kids.

·   Essential medication includes teething gel and something for an upset tummy.

·   Pack toys and bottled water.

·   Magazines and newspapers provide hours of entertainment for the little ones, Elana says, and they especially like ripping it apart.

·   Be sure to notify the guest house or hotel that the kids are coming too. “They’ll often make special arrangements for kids or prepare the baby cot without your having to ask,” she says.

She advises moms to check the car chair or booster seat before a trip to make sure it’s properly installed and clean. 

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