Jalapeño Pork Sausage Wrap

By YOU Digital
29 January 2020


Preparation: 10 Min | Cooking 10 Min | Serves 2

Pre-packed and assembled at work, this creamy and spicy wrap is a lunchtime winner.


4 Eskort Jalapeño Pork Sausages

125ml (½c) frozen sweetcorn

125ml (½c) cream cheese

2,5 ml (½ t) harissa paste (or any hot sauce)

4 large butter lettuce leaves

30ml (2T) onion marmalade

60ml (¼c) mayonnaise

zest and juice of 1 lime

2 wraps


  • Remove the pork sausage meat from the sausage casing.
  • Press the meat into oval patties and fry in a pan over moderate heat until golden.
  • Mix the sweetcorn, cream cheese and harissa paste.
  • Mix the lime zest, juice and mayonnaise.
  • Pack everything in separate containers if taking to work and assemble your wrap at lunchtime.

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