Vienna and cheese pancakes

By YOU Digital
06 March 2018

Preparation: 10 min | Cooking: 15 min | Serves 4

We know you’re busy and have lots to do – so these little power-packed pancakes are the perfect on-the-go snack for you or your kids. They’re #JustDelicious!


375g all-purpose flour

15ml (1T) baking powder

5ml (1t) salt

20g sugar

300ml milk

1 egg

45g butter, melted

oil for frying

butter for frying

1 packet (500g) Eskort Cheese Mini Viennas, sliced in half lengthways

150g cheddar cheese, grated

handful of fresh parsley, chopped


  • In a large bowl, sift together the flour, baking powder, salt and sugar. Make a well in the centre and pour in the milk, egg and melted butter.
  • Whisk until smooth (if your batter is too thick, add a little more milk).
  • Heat a lightly oiled frying pan over medium to high heat.
  • Pour about a quarter cup (60ml) of the batter into the pan. Swirl it to coat the pan evenly.
  • When bubbles start appearing, flip your pancake and brown on the other side.
  • Remove from pan when done and set aside. Continue until batter is done.
  • Fry the Viennas in some butter in a hot frying pan until lightly browned.
  • Remove from heat, set aside and keep warm.
  • Assemble pancakes with a few slices of Viennas and some grated cheddar cheese.
  • Roll up pancakes and serve warm with a sprinkling of fresh parsley.

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