A treat for your taste buds

By YOU Digital
01 October 2018


Let us take you on a journey with Food around the World

Love trying new dishes and experimenting with food? The YOU Food around the World magazine is your new cooking confidante!

We’ve compiled a handy book dedicated to sharing well-known recipes and delicacies from around the globe – that’s 154 dishes from 15 countries! Whether you’re a self-professed “foodie”, a newbie home cook or you simply want to improve your skills in the kitchen – this one’s for you.

Take your taste buds on a tour with a host of easy recipes big on international flavour.

You’ll find all your family favourites, as well as all those foods people flock overseas for – enjoyed in the comfort of your home.

From Mexican-inspired nachos and fish tacos, French coq au vin, Greek moussaka and bolognese the way the Italians do it – with a quick cheat – to Indian tandoori chicken with naan, Chinese pork ribs with plum sauce, Japanese pork satay with peanut sauce, and Argentinian cottage pie and shortbread sandwich cookies, we’ve got you covered.

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