Amazing! Watch what happens when an adult gets to let out her inner child

By Charlea Sieberhagen-Grey
11 October 2017
PHOTO: Supplied

PHOTO: Supplied

It was like taking a trip into the future, and back into your childhood, at the same time – and it was a wonderful thing!

After a crazy week of rushing between meetings, appointments and interviews, the dark room filled with the luminous, multi-coloured lights was a very welcome change.

The Future Park advertisement – with its pictures of digital cars and virtual fish in vivid environments – had me looking forward to the exhibition for the few weeks leading up to it.

And not just because it could entertain my children for hours on end. I don’t have any kids. But simply because it was a completely new experience for myself and my husband (yes, I’m a Mrs these days . . .).

I literally couldn’t wait to get my picture, sit quietly and colour in my fish and truck with the wax crayons provided.   

And it became quite clear that a few of my colleagues longed for the simpler days when it didn’t matter if you coloured outside of the lines. (This surely also explains the sudden popularity of adult colouring books).

Just watching my creatively decorated seahorse appear in the virtual fish tank made me as excited as if I’d seen a “Quality Sale” sign at Woolworths.

And I’ve never been as excited about a traffic pile-up as I was while watching my adorable truck getting stuck in a virtual traffic jam.

Then there were the amazingly colourful balls that make music when you throw them around, and tables full of a myriad of virtual characters that interact with your hands when you touch them.

I still haven’t been able to wrap my mind around how all of it works but the little men definitely had me and my colleagues shrieking with excitement.

Children can really play to their hearts content in this virtual wonderland and I honestly wish that I knew more people with kids so that I could tell them all to take their little ones to Future Park. But unfortunately most of my friends are newly-weds with ‘children’ of the four-legged variety.

The rest are just focusing on paying their rent on time. And to them I say, if you need a break from thinking of interest rates and other serious adult matters – escape to the future as well as the past to when you were a little kid.

On top of that it makes for really cool photos for millennials to share on their social media accounts. (And no, no one is paying me to write this – I just really love to draw.)

& Capetonians, visit the V&A Waterfront and entertain yourself and the kids with Huisgenoot, YOU and Drum’s brand new interactive exhibition, Future Park! It will keep your kids busy for hours. Don’t waste time – buy your tickets now to ensure a fun-filled day with your loved ones.

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