Battle of the dinosaurs – and why kids love them

By YOU Digital
16 January 2020


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Is your child obsessed with dinosaurs? They’re dangerous creatures that have been extinct for more than 65 million years – what’s not to love?

Children have vivid imaginations that are instantly captivated by the idea of a far-off prehistoric life with an array of creatures who wouldn’t have cut it as house pets. It’s a world that grabs kids’ attention and encourages them to read and research something new.

Granted, the concept of dinosaurs is not only for kids. It has become even more popular with adults thanks to the Jurassic Park movies. Now the question remains: which dinosaur would win in a battle? Check out the stats below (available on the YOU Dinosaur trump cards) and decide which of these colossal creatures would win in a fight.

Tyrannosaurus Rex             VS.            Spinosaurus

  • Length: 12m                                    Length: 17m              
  • Height: 4m                                      Height: 7m
  • Speed: 20km/h                                Speed: 40km/h
  • Weight: 7 000kg                              Weight: 20 000kg
  • Killer instinct: 10                              Killer instinct: 9

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