Boost your little one’s brainpower

By YOU Digital
09 December 2019


Get your copy of YOU Did You Know? magazine packed with wonderfully interesting and wacky facts about the amazing world around us

Did you know a hippo can hold its breath underwater for five minutes? We’ve got you covered with fun facts, beautiful imagery and edufun that will keep your child amazed – and even boost your general knowledge.

If you have an inquisitive child who wonders how things are made – and expects you to know it too – we’ve got the answer to your daily dilemma of why’s and how’s and “I’m bored”, as well as the perfect aid for last-minute orals and school assignments.

YOU Did You Know? is packed with interesting facts about the world around us and the fourth edition of the magazine is all about awesome facts for curious kids. Everything from animals, to bugs, birds, religious sites around the world and African landmarks – and awesome DIY projects that’ll get sciency, crafty kids excited.

Perfect for the holidays and the new school year ahead, you can get yours in store. And did you know you can have it delivered to your door? Head to to buy your copy online, along with the previous editions.

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