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By YOU Magazine
25 May 2018

Preparation: 10 minutes Cooking: 2kg pork will roast in the oven for 2 hours Servings: 2kg raw pork will provide 9 – 12 servings

You don’t have to be a seasoned chef to impress. Pork is one of the most cost-effective meats that’s versatile and can be transformed into an assortment of tasty dishes with a fusion of flavours. Forget your staple dishes and opt for some protein-packed pork tonight.

SA Pork has a host of easy-to-create pork recipes, along with expert tips and tricks to help you cook your meat to perfection.

We love this hearty roast leg served with a side of your choice. Few things come close to a perfectly roasted piece of pork topped with crunchy crackling.

Golden roast leg of pork


2-2,5 kg leg of pork

salt and pepper

olive oil for rubbing

potatoes for roast potatoes

apple sauce for serving

Note: Calculate about 200-250g of pork per person when you buy your roast. For example, a 2kg leg of pork will be enough for 7-8 people. Ask your butchery to score the skin for you because it helps you make beautiful, crisp crackling. Servings  provided by a roast is always determined by how thin or how thick the cook slices the meat.Thinner slices = more servings. Thick slices= less servings. 


  • Preheat the oven to 180°C.
  • Pat the meat dry with kitchen paper. Score the skin at 2 cm intervals if not done yet. (Cut through the skin and outside fat layer on top with a very sharp knife.) Rub with the salt, pepper and olive oil.
  • Place the meat on a wire rack in a roasting pan and roast it for the required time. Calculate as follows: for every 500g roast for 30 minutes. At the end add 15-20 minutes. The skin on top should be golden and crispy. Use the oven grill briefly to help this process. (Watch carefully and don’t brown too much.)
  • You can serve roast potatoes or other vegetables as a side dish. Peel and slice the potatoes thickly and put them in the roasting pan underneath the pork. They’ll be roasted and coated with lovely meat juices at the same time.
  • Remove the meat from the oven and allow to rest in a warm place for 8-10 minutes. This settles the juices. Carve thinly against the grain. Serve with the gravy, potatoes and/or other vegetables and apple sauce.

How to work out portions

To work out portion sizes for smaller cuts simply count the number of chops or rashers or small cuts.

For big pieces such as roasts, calculate the portion sizes as follows:

Boneless pork:

150-180g of raw, boneless pork makes a moderate portion for one person when it is cooked. Divide the number of grams of pork in your roast without a bone as follows:

If your deboned roast weighs 1,1 kg (1 100g)

– Divide 1 100 by 150 = 7,3 portions

– Divide 1 100 by 180 = 6,1 portions

Now you know that your roast of 1,1 kg (which has no bone in it) will feed between 6 and 7 people when cooked.

Pork with bone in:

For roasts with a bone in it, allow a raw amount of 200-220g per person for a medium portion and 250g for a generous portion.

If a roast (with bone) weighs 1,45 kg (1 450g)

- Divide 1 450 by 200 = 7,25 portions

- Divide 1 450 by 220 = 6,5 portions

This means your roast with a bone in that weighs 1,45 kg will feed between 6 and 7 people when cooked.

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