Five benefits of home cooking

By Digital Team
06 June 2019
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Stay warm indoors during the chilly months and whip up delicious comfort meals with YOU Winter Food

Winter may be about cold weather and wearing double layers, but it also comes with added cravings for a little something sweet or savoury (we don’t make the rules) and delightful aromas wafting through the home.

The smell of simmering stews, decadent desserts and richly flavoured curries filling the air come to mind. So chase away the blues and make the most of staying indoors this winter.

Here are a few benefits of kicking it old school and using your stove and oven – they're not just some extra storage space for your shoes à la Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City.

1. Cooking boosts your mood 

Making a home-cooked meal makes you feel good on many levels. The combination of practising mindfulness, expressing creativity and preparing something delicious that’s loved by all is a serious mood booster.

2. It gets the family together

Working as a team to make a meal has a host of benefits, including quality time with the family. Take the laughs from the kitchen to the dinner table and make some more memories without having to leave home.

3. It's good for you

Cooking at home helps you to select quality ingredients that are good for you – without preservatives. You get to make nutritious food and enjoy it while it's warm! It’s also good for family members with food allergies as you can prepare food that works for them.

4. It's a smart money move

We all want to cut down as much as we can. Buying ingredients can go so much further as you can use them to make a few meals and that’s cost-effective. Save and cook amazing meals at home – we’ve got you covered with ideas below!

And if you think cooking isn’t for you, you'll be proven wrong with YOU Winter Food. It has 142 mouthwatering recipes perfect for newbies and even the not-so-cheffy. Our selection of recipes are easy to make and packed with flavour.

Get your copy in stores now – or avoid the cold weather and have yours delivered to your door, email or head online to to order.

Happy cooking!

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