Five hair myths you need to stop believing

By Digital Team
06 June 2019
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We debunk some common hair care myths – and show you how to have your best hair yet

Want to know what makes hair oily, turn grey or simply not play along? We dish the truth behind common hair myths and how to best care for your locks. 

Myth: Bad hygiene is the cause of a flaky scalp. 

Truth: Some people automatically believe you don’t wash your hair if they spot a flake or two.  The truth is, it could just mean you didn’t rinse off the conditioner properly. Or it could be a result of a lack of vitamins that leads to dandruff – or it’s simply seasonal changes. Flakes could also be the result of a medical condition such as eczema. Bottom line: no judgment. 

Myth: Stress makes your hair turn grey.

Truth: Yes, the stress hormone, adrenaline, could damage the production of melanin (the pigment that gives hair its colour). But melanin production is mostly determined by genetics – so it doesn’t automatically mean you’re more stressed. Going grey can happen at any age. 

Myth: Cutting your hair makes it grow faster.

Truth: You might want to read that one again. ?? As silly as it may sound, many believe that cutting one’s hair every six weeks makes it grow faster. The truth is, hair growth happens at the scalp and not at the tip, so this is untrue. However, snipping away split ends will make your hair look healthier and over time maintain a glow as it grows and may appear longer.  

Myth: You need to wash oily hair every day.

Truth: Washing your hair every day strips it of natural oils. And washing too often could make your hair follicles respond by producing more oils to make up for the rapid loss. Eek! You don’t want it to look like you can fry something on it – but don’t get carried away with the washing either so wash it every few days instead. 

Myth: Brush more for healthier hair.

Truth: We grew up hearing tall tales about brushing 100 times, but that was probably just to get us to brush more often. It turns out excessive brushing leads to breakage, especially when hair is wet. To protect your hair, always start at the bottom and slowly work your way up, Rapunzel.

We’re all on our own hair journey with different hair types, so put age-old myths in the past.

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