Five things you probably never think of cleaning – but totally should

By YOU Digital
01 November 2019


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Sure, you clean your house every week. Perhaps you’ve even undertaken a grand spring clean now that the sun’s back and the party season is ahead. But do you ever think of cleaning these things?

1. The remote control

You wash your hands before you eat, but do you wash your hands after touching the TV remote control? Now think of how many times this week you’ve sat in front of the box, used the remote and then ate. Yes, that just happened. Go clean your remote.

2. Your cellphone

Please repeat the exercise above. Thanks. Now go clean your phone.

3. Your computer

Recent research has shown that a computer keyboard can have up to 400 times as many bacteria as a toilet seat.  

4. Kids’ toys

If there’s one thing all babies do, it’s put toys in their mouth. If there’s more than one child playing with the toys and crawling on the floor, and perhaps you have a pet . . . that’s a breeding ground for bacteria.

5. Toothbrush holder

You may think that as long as your toothbrush is clean, everything’s fine. But next time you use it, have a look at the handle of your toothbrush – and the holder. Toothpaste dripping down into it from a previous brushing? Just think of what you’re brushing out of your mouth – and remind yourself that toothpaste isn’t soap. 


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