Fresh breath is the last of your oral care worries

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07 December 2018
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If you think brushing your teeth is all about fresh breath – there are a few things you really need to know

Looking for a fluoride-free toothpaste that really gets to work? Elgydium Anti-Plaque toothpaste contains a special ingredient, chlorhexidine, to help you control plaque build-up which leads to the formation of tartar. The specially created toothpaste is clinically proven to reduce plaque by 50%*. And while everybody has plaque, it’s definitely more damaging than you think.

How plaque affects you 

Plaque is a mass of bacteria that grows on your teeth and other surfaces of the mouth. It develops as you eat, drink and breathe during the course of a day – fortunately this plaque can be removed. Simply give your teeth a thorough two-minute brush two to three times a day with a quality toothpaste and floss every evening. You probably know all this – but you should be aware of what can go wrong if you don’t maintain your oral health.

Should you go without brushing for 24 hours, the plaque on your teeth gets really sticky and starts settling in. Once you reach 48 hours it turns to tartar and it can no longer be brushed off. Once tartar has formed it can only be removed by a dental professional. Aside from ruining your smile and your breath, plaque build-up is very likely to lead to gum disease.

The most common form of gum disease is gingivitis (bleeding and swollen gums), and when it progresses it can lead to more severe periodontal conditions where you can lose teeth. These periodontal conditions have also been linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetic complications and other systemic diseases.

Help from the experts 

Fortunately plaque build-up can be controlled. Elgydium Anti-Plaque toothpaste is formulated with an optimal percentage chlorhexidine to control plaque build-up, as well as calcium carbonate to rebuild tooth enamel. The formula is suitable for sensitive gums and can also be used by patients with periodontal conditions. 

Aside from religiously brushing with a good quality toothpaste and flossing every evening, it’s recommended to visit an oral hygienist at least twice a year. They will thoroughly clean your teeth and remove tartar build-up from hard to reach spots you may have missed.

Your oral hygienist will also advise you on good oral care habits and may refer you to a dentist or specialist if there is a need for additional treatment. 

Ask your dentist or oral hygienist about Elgydium Anti-Plaque toothpaste or get it from leading pharmacies. 

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*Test of safety and effectiveness carried out under dental supervision on 42 subjects for 21 days.


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