Have fun with Afrikaans trivia!

By YOU Digital
10 August 2018

Test your child’s second language skills with these common expressions

Is your child struggling to learn Afrikaans? Learning a second language can be tricky! If it’s part of the school curriculum, helping your child’s development at home will go a long way. Whether your child is in pre-, primary or high school – or even if you’re learning with your little one – Afrikaans.com provides a hub of interactive material and resources that can make learning fun.


Try to guess the meaning of these common Afrikaans expressions.

1) Vlerksleep

a) A bird in flight

b) The bird has a broken wing

c) To woo a girl


2) Bemin

a) To endear yourself to someone

b) To be in love with someone

c) To not care about something/someone

3) Klein klippies rondskop

a) Kicking stones are fun

b) Practice makes perfect

c) Wasting time on unimportant things


4) Sy twak is nat

a) To stand no chance of success

b) It’s raining outside

c) The cut tobacco must be left to dry


5) Dis alles net lippetaal

a) It’s all talk, no action

b) It’s all in the lips

c) Something that can’t be said out loud


Answers: 1 a, 2 b, 3 c, 4 a, 5 a


How well did you and your child do? Some of these might be tricky for beginners but it’s a fun way to learn new expressions and develop an understanding of the language.

There’s more trivia to try on Afrikaans.com

The site offers a wide range of interactive activities, translations, trivia, pop cultural updates and books, as well as info on support organisations, blogs that provide advice and additional resources that can help with learning Afrikaans – from common words and phrases to pronunciation. Use these to help boost your understanding as you and your kids learn to speak, listen, read and write in Afrikaans at every level of education.

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