Helping with the homework dilemma

By YOU Digital
04 July 2018

Struggling to help your child with Afrikaans? We’ve got you covered!

Children like to believe their parents know it all, but things can get tricky when it comes to language studies – notably when it’s not your first language either. But there’s no need to be red-faced or shy away from helping with your child’s Afrikaans homework. With a host of resources out there, learning a new language can be fun. Try these handy tips to help you and your little one!

Multimedia edutainment

Engage in activities that your child enjoys and make language learning entertaining, from audio books and interactive games to songs that encourage learning new words and phrases. Watching an Afrikaans soapie and reading the English subtitles can also help with language development.

Read, read, read

Teachers everywhere sing the same tune, but it rings true. Reading is the best way to broaden their repertoire. Our sister magazine, Huisgenoot, has been a trusted tool for recreational reading for many years, and there’s a host of other options out there. From short stories to Afrikaans ads on TV, all reading material counts.

Conversation is key

Help develop confidence in the language by engaging in conversation and encouraging learning in a “safe space” – don’t be too embarrassed when mistakes occur. It’s even more fun if you’re learning together!

Visual aids

Writing words and reading labels to help connect the object with the word is a great way to create an association with the word and pronunciation. “Tag” and label household objects. Flashcards help too. Write verbs, adjectives and common phrases to use in sentences or to assist with spelling then quiz your child.

Make use of your resources

In this digital age we’re spoilt for choice with an array of websites and apps. Get familiar with the English page on, the interactive website that provides a host of resources at your fingertips.

You can create a fresh take on learning with interactive activities, translations, trivia, pop cultural updates, books and traditional cuisine and recipes, as well as support organisations and blogs. It’s a great tool to help with Afrikaans homework and those dreaded assignments. Learn to understand, speak and write in Afrikaans – and even work on that tricky pronunciation.

Here’s to learning together and making homework less of a chore!

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