Homework tips for parents

By YOU Digital
14 December 2018


Here’s to helping your child with the dreaded homework

There’s just something about homework time that wears families out – and sometimes even results in tears. And although you’re not in school anymore, homework is still a big part of your life. Try these guidelines to help children tackle their homework so that you can see to dinner and everything else!

Positive vibes only

Try to be supportive – shouting and getting angry only makes things worse. Complement your child’s homework style, no matter what it might be, and offer assistance without judgement. Make it a pleasant learning environment where you can share and even learn together – the curriculum has changed quite a bit since a few years back!

No nagging

Encourage your child to stick to a homework schedule or timeslot to avoid having to beg them to sit down with their books. This will make it feel like it’s their choice and less of a chore. Also, the earlier the better! If your child is with a caregiver during the day, let them tackle the bulk of the work and then review it together without being too critical wherever possible

Confidence is key

The most important thing is to build your child up so they’re confident to do their work on their own – seeing they do their tests on their own. Allow them to think and come up with the answers and guide them in the right direction if need be. Mix in a bit of praise with the corrections, where possible.

Stress relief

Sometimes your child just needs to vent, so allow them to complain, and then empathise. It helps if you make them feel understood before finding a way to try to lighten the load or support them through a big task. Try not to take over homework time unless you feel it’s necessary.

Get help

Overall, remember it’s not what you say – it’s how you say it. Try to help your child in the best possible way and don’t be afraid to seek professional help depending on the child’s age. A tutor or some extra time after school could go a long way. Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you know everything!

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