How to get kids to love brushing their teeth

By YOU Digital
15 January 2019


Tired of engaging in a battle when it’s time for the kids to brush their teeth? We hear you.

So, you want your kids to reap the long-term benefits of good oral hygiene, but you can’t get them to open wide and brush away. Here are our best tips and tricks for getting the job done without tears, fights or endless negotiations.

Give them (some) power

Most of us prefer to make our own choices. Just like adults, kids get frustrated when they have no say. Allowing them to choose a toothpaste flavour they’ll enjoy not only gives them the satisfaction of having the freedom to choose, it also gives them some responsibility for the task at hand.

Choose the right tools

When it comes to toothpaste, it’s about more than just choosing a pleasant flavour. Adult toothpaste not only tastes unpleasant and strong to kids, they’re also often unsuitable. Choose an age-appropriate toothpaste for your child, together with a small-sized toothbrush. The aim is to brush one tiny tooth at a time – always use that as your guide when selecting toothbrush size.

Share the responsibility

You and your child should share the responsibility of daily oral hygiene. Even though you should be brushing for them until they’re able to write well (usually around eight to nine years – yes, we’re serious), alternate and allow them to handle the brush for some of the time to help them get comfortable and familiar with proper brushing techniques.


Rev up the routine

Brushing teeth should never be seen as punishment, but rather as part of your child’s routine – just like bathing, getting dressed and having meals. Just like you add toys to make bath time more fun, consider using a timer or song to associate with teeth-brushing time. Children generally also enjoy watching themselves in the mirror, so make sure there’s one at their eye level while they’re brushing.


Reward your child for good brushing. The reward system doesn’t have to be flashy or costly. A brushing chart with stickers that result in small weekly and monthly treats (kids can choose what to have for dinner, extra play time, skipping a chore, etc.) will encourage them to keep it up.

Elgydium Kids and Junior toothpaste

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