How to solve puzzles and brain-teasers

By YOU Digital
28 March 2019


How to become a pro at tackling brain-teasers – try these tips

Want to improve your crossword puzzle-solving skills or become a whiz at word search? Tackle those blockbusters head-on and work at improving your speed with these tips and tricks.

Start small

Strategy is the name of the game. Some novices might want to get right to it, but this could make you lose interest if you don’t stick to your strengths and work from there. Even your choice of brain-teaser makes a big difference. If you love words, do a crossword puzzle or word search – spot the difference is also a fun way to rev up the brain and test your cognitive abilities.

If you’re more into numbers, try your hand at Sudoku. Once you’ve established what your brain-teaser niche is, branch out and switch it up. Start with finding the shorter words, completing the shorter puzzles and looking for the blocks with the most clues, then work from there.

Moving along

Doing brain-teasers can be intimidating at first, but there’s a puzzle for everyone. Don’t be discouraged by what you don’t know. If you’re completing a crossword puzzle, read through all the clues and start with what you do know. The fact you’re getting some answers will boost your confidence and offer more clues for the rest of the puzzle. It’s better than being stuck on one problem and being discouraged.

Room for error

It helps to work in pencil when settling down to have some crossword puzzle fun or do a Sudoku grid. Sometimes it might feel like you’ve found the right answer or sequence, but it might not be that easy. Allow yourself to make mistakes and learn as you go along.

Take breaks in between

There’s no need to keep pushing until you’re exhausted. Take a break and give your brain a rest – you’ll come back feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the brain-teaser again. You might even have that lightbulb moment while you’re busy doing something else and return triumphant.

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