Improve your driving and score!

By YOU Digital
12 October 2018


Vitality is giving you an incentive to drive safely – here’s how you can cash in.

South African roads are among the most dangerous in the world and almost 90% of accidents are caused by bad driving. Cue Discovery Insure’s unique driver behaviour programme, Vitality Drive.

It offers rewards to clients for driving well – and not only is it saving clients money, it’s also having an impact on South African society.

Anton Ossip, CEO of Discovery Insure, believes incentivising good driving behaviour is a major motivator – and a great way to create a nation of great drivers and safer roads.

“Our data shows that since its launch, there’s been a 41% reduction in the number of harsh driving events for drivers who earn Vitality Active Rewards for driving well each week, with our best drivers having 63% less accidents – and 77% less severe accidents – than our worst drivers.”

On the road to rewards

Now, with Vitality Open, everyone has a chance to get involved to earn rewards for driving better. For a limited time, anyone over 18 years can download the latest version of the Discovery app and the Discovery Insure driving app and achieve a weekly driving goal to earn exciting rewards.

When you achieve a goal, you get a play on the Vitality Open game board. This can earn you beverages, meals and online shopping rewards at a range of reward partners. You can also use plays to gain a chance at winning prizes like running shoes, flights and the latest iPhone.

Share the love with your family and friends  and challenge them to join the Vitality Open to get active and drive well – and be rewarded for doing so!


Follow Discovery’s 7-point plan to drive well and get rewarded:

1. Accelerate smoothly and avoid aggressive driving behaviour to reduce your risk of having an accident.

2. Brake with control to give yourself time to react to anything that may obstruct your path. Always leave three seconds of driving space between you and the car in front of you.

3. Corner calmly at a slow speed to ensure you remain in control – it’s impossible to know what lies around the bend.

4. Stick to the speed limit at all times and always slow down in wet weather. Speeding is a major reason for car accidents in South Africa.

5. Stay off your phone. Research shows that drivers who use cellphones while driving are eight times more likely to have an accident.

6. Be extra vigilant at night – the likelihood of having a car accident is seven times higher than during the day. Always reduce your speed and increase your following distance at night. Or better still, take an Uber.

7. Do not drive after drinking. Besides it being a criminal offense, your ability to control your vehicle and have full awareness of your surroundings declines quickly after consuming alcohol.

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