Looking for a resilient smartphone?

By YOU Digital
23 May 2019


CAT has you covered with a range of rugged phones that keeps going as long as you do

Calling all hard-core phone users! Yes you, the one with the cracked screen. It’s all fun and games until your shiny new device falls face first or gets soaked in water – whether by you or your little one. CAT has you covered.

Look to the brand that’s almost synonymous with construction machinery and equipment to give you a phone that can actually keep up with you. When they’re not making hard-core boots, their focus is on cellphones and power banks to keep you connected while on the go.

If your lifestyle entails actual rough terrain and ground work, CAT has a phone that’s as tough as you are! The CAT range is packed with devices built to last – the CAT S31 does just that.

The resilient smartphone boasts features that accommodate harsh or outdoor environments, including a screen optimised for use in direct sunlight or when wet, and a battery that actually lasts – that’s a 4 000 mAh battery with up to 38 days standby time and 15 hours talk-time. Optimised for outdoor use with auto wet finger and glove support, it allows you to stay in contact with ease.

The CAT S31 is waterproof as it can stay underwater at a depth of 1,2 metres for up to 35 minutes. It’s also dust-resistant and drop proof up to 1,8m on concrete. You can test it for yourself without even breaking a sweat.

And if you have days that are longer than your average 9 to 5, the CAT® Active Urban Rugged Power Bank, that also doubles as a torch, will give you that extra juice to power through your day!

If you’re ready to upgrade, make the most of the rugged combo deal – you’ll receive a free CAT® Active Urban Rugged Power Bank when you buy a CAT S31 phone*. Get yours at MTN and Vodacom stores nationwide.

*Offer available while stocks lasts.

CAT S61 Reviews

Farmer Greg Miles, says: “I’ve been using the CAT S61 for about six months. The Android system is reliable, fast and responsive – it just works really well. The battery Iasts all day, despite how much it’s used. The torch is amazing and very useful – I’ve often used it at night or when I’m working on my truck.

“The air quality monitor also impressed me. It notifies you as soon as poor air is detected, for example when you’ve sprayed insect killer. The phone also has a loud volume setting and the FLIR (Forward-Looking Infrared) camera with all its features, is absolutely amazing!”

Theunis Pretorius says, “My job is my passion and it’s a privilege to be a farmer. I’m a big iOS fan but I tried the CAT phone and I’m very impressed. I do precision agriculture and I like how durable the phone is – it’s waterproof and hard. You can drop it and it’ll still be okay.

The processing speed, camera and battery life are all great. The torch comes in handy when I’m fixing engines or working on the farm at night.”

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