No Lactose, more enjoyment!

By YOU Digital
09 May 2019


Lactose intolerant, but want the all the nutritional benefits (and creamy taste) of real milk? Parmalat's got you covered.

Real milk without the lactose

Parmalat EasyGest lactose-free milk is 100% real milk with 0% lactose – locally sourced from farmers’ green pastures where every drop of Parmalat's EasyGest milk is carefully pre-treated with the lactase enzyme that breaks down lactose. The result? Organically formulated, lactose-free milk with all of the nutritional benefits of real milk – just far easier to digest.


Suitable for every member of the family

Milk plays an important role in every household. Whether you enjoy it in a cup of tea, with your morning cereal or as a refreshing drink on its own, Parmalat EasyGest can be used in whichever way you need it. You can be guaranteed that Parmalat EasyGest milk will always deliver on the following:

  • The rich taste of dairy;
  • All the nutritional benefits of real milk;
  • The milk is easier to digest; and
  • It leaves you feeling light again. 

More from the EasyGest family

The Parmalat EasyGest family is growing – bringing you more ways to enjoy the benefits of dairy without any of the lactose. 

Parmalat EasyGest also offers lactose-free yoghurt, giving you the same smooth taste of regular yoghurt without the lactose. And because it’s lactose-free and easy to digest, you’re guaranteed to feel light all day, every day.

The yogurt is available in plain and strawberry flavours. 

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